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Soundcloud changes ... (Houston)

Dear Music Lovers,

Soundcloud deployed its long anticipated subscription service. This paid service allows members to have access to a new library of (official) songs of many artists. This puts Soundcloud in the same playfield as Spotify and Apple Music while having an immense catalog of covers and remixes Protected content uploaded songs). It also allows you to play your playlists offline which is a big plus for those who do not have unlimited data in their smartphone plans.

I signed up to the new services and while this is wonderful, you may find songs in my playlist which now are tagged as "preview" due to the introduction of the new service. In simple words, if you are not a paid subscription member of Soundcloud you will not be able to play all songs in my playlists. I will do my best to avoid tracks which are not accessible to the free service members but it may be hard at times to pass on the excellent quality original tracks now embedded in the new service.

I have issued and I am working on a number of new playlists for April.

Have a great end of the week and listen responsibly,


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