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About Dasu (Islamabad)

I know this is Islamabad forum, but I would like to consult all of you since my company asked me if I am willing to go to Dasu for a project (and I believe the nearest town from Dasu would be Islamabad).
I would like to ask if anybody knows about this area in terms of security for foreigners.
It is for a hydro power project and it will be a contract of more than a year (from March Protected content , so I am considering to bring my wife and two kids there.
Given that it is in a countryside and maybe foreigners are rare, what would be some of the precautions we need to take to avoid unnecessary insecurity? For your information, I am Japanese and my wife is Kenyan.

Also, besides the security issue, I would like to ask about the following.
1. I would like to know about schools in this area since I have a 7-year old. I am also thinking of home schooling my child with the help of my wife. Protected content
2. I would like to know about reliable internet provider for this area.
3. I would like to know the accessibility to Islamabad from Dasu

Thanks so much for your help!!

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