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Moving To Islamabad

Hallo All!

My name is Delan Mezban and I live in Iraq with my daughter and my husband. My husband has been offered a post in Islamabad and we have to give a reply in a week!!! It is a very good opportunity for him and a post he has been waiting for so long. Yet because of my fears, he is considering, still we give a chance and discuss it, to reject the offer :-( . I know he will if he felt I am not into it.

I know media they over exaggerate about security issues. I live in Iraq, so I have been through "almost" everything. What I want is to know how is the healthcare, "security" situation and accommodation. I have read threads over that but it goes back to Protected content . I am sure things have changed since. Hopefully to the best, of course. Can I, kindly, ask for an update from residents of Islamabad???

Thank you VERY much in advance! It will be a great help for us.

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