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Moving to Pakistan (Islamabad)


Hi everyone,

I'm planning to live in Pakistan after completing my university degree here in London. My parents are from Pakistan, but we live in London. I have been there several times and have decided that i want to live a life down there and perhaps start a family. BUT I have no idea of what kind of job i can get myself or how i will be able to provide for myself - except that my father may be able to assist me with accommodation. I plan to go there and maybe experiment with how i will be able to earn some revenue.

Though, i don't wanna go there empty handed, i mean without knowing how i can start earning or start a career. This is why I've joined this forum so i could maybe get some help from those who've already gone through this process... i know that there are job for British expats where they're given accommodation, a nice income and are pretty much sorted. Though, how do i find these jobs ? where do i look ? and if im not able to get one of these job .. what am i to do ?

*My degree is in History and Farsi Language*

All your help and advice will be soo appreciated...

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