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OK lets WAKE UP (Islamabad)

OK folks, I've just been here a few weeks. But folks, I had more interaction walking down the street than I've seen on this site. Lets try to kick it up a notch! Whaer to go...

I went to the American Steak house (F6) this week end. Nice place that serves beer. Not a bad beer either. The steak was good and both my date and I enjoyed the service. I had eaten at the French club a few nights before and found it good but not worth the hassle of entry for dinner and wine. Perhaps it was a bad night. The bar did look relativly well stocked though.

Last night we dinned at a small Itallian place across the street from the American Steak house. Smaller portions and a VERY small wine list but... it was a good choice.

Any further hints would be GREAT. We are open to local and international quisine. Alcohol is not a must simply an added pleasure.


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