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90 day Tourist visa Visa/Ikamet Renewal (Istanbul)

Hi Guys any advice appreciated the 90 day visa rule, I have a current 90 day tourist visa which i bought at the airport as my current Ikamet had expired, now I didn't renew my Ikamet within 4 weeks because I was waiting on a job offer and would have applied for citizenship instead (married to a turkish lady 10 years) but let down and no job offer was forthcoming, so missed the 4 week within entry apply to extend deadline,

Now I still have a valid visa

Question one: do you think it would be a problem to extend/renew my old Ikamet now Protected content in?

Question two: I am going to Kas, and was thinking take a trip to Meis and buy another 90 day visa then apply for my extention as the new visa would be within the 4 weeks of entry rule?

hope thats not as complicated to understand as it looks any answers appreciated

Regards Peter

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