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Advices and adresses needed for a departure (Istanbul)

Hello to all of you,
After several years in Istanbul, i'm on my way "back to home" (France). I expect to be ready to move at the end of june/start of july.
I do not have a large budget and i'm looking for economic and reliable solutions to bring back my things in France (mainly art equipment, books and some furniture). Would you have advices, tips and precise adresses to share with me about international shipping?
Or is there anyone who also plan to return in the area of Paris at the same period and who would like, who could share a common solution of transportation ?

I shall also sell some ( refrigerator and freezer, washing machine, bed, furniture, plants) and i'm looking for adresses to do it as well and at a price not too low. I do speak turkish but not fluently enough to be able to communicate on a turkish website. Would you know other alternatives?

Many thanks in advance for your answers!

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