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Artistic Vision for Year3009 Project (Istanbul)

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently working on a unique, huge international project called „Welcome to Protected content . The aim of this project is to collect Protected content from all over the world showing wide range of artistic visions about the year Protected content . All of the works will be stored in a a safe place and will be displayed into public on the 1st of January Protected content . Part of the collection: Protected content interesting works, will be published in English at the end of Protected content a limited edition with the help of nEgoist, Polish publisher of new art. ( Protected content )

I would like to invite artists, musicians, designers to be a part of the album. I would like to ask you, whether you have any propositions for artists that should be invited to this project. You can find some examples of works already included in the book on Protected content .

Just a brief reminder, all we can offer for artists contribution to this project is one copy of the album. But besides the book, we would like to make a “Welcome to Protected content art exhibition probably in Turkey and, hopefully, also in Berlin at the end of Protected content .

Artists can contact me at Protected content for any proposals and suggestions.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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