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Attending events (Istanbul)

Hello Everybody,

ever since I take position as a group consul of several activity groups I try to organize as different and funny events as possible and I am so so SICK of all the happy clickers around. I have to check up daily with the attendee list mailing them if they really intend to come or not and they do not even bother to answer. So me formyself I have decided to create my personal blacklist. I will write down every member who has neither cancelled nor appeared and answered to my mails. I will also note down how many times this person is clicking on attend and not coming or cancelling.
I am willed to share my blacklist regulary with ALL CONSULS so they can easily separate serious members with happy clickers.
I have also decided to not put these members on the guest list even if they click on attend they will NOT BE ABLE TO JOIN the event after the second case. Being a consul costs me TIME, precious time and the only members who apreciate that are other consuls and IN itself.

If anything about what I have decided or written is wrong in the opinion of other consuls or the support of IN please let me know because honestly I think that IN is not doing enough to avoid this matter and it makes it so hard to organize with these happy clickers.

looking forward to read you opinions/comments!

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