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Boat Rental in Istanbul

For Sunday 8 July we had a reservation for the Buyuk Limanli, the sixth or seventh in a year. In the past everything went well. The boat came on time and the crew was nice. This time round was a major disapointment though. We called 4 times ahead of the day to confirm arrangements. Sadly, the reservation was forgotten and no boat showed up. Instead of telling us straight when we called, the owners kept telling us the boat was on its way and would be there is 15 minutes - for a whole two hours. The boat that finally did arrive was not the Buyuk Limanli, but a dirty party boat with a super unfriendly and unwilling crew. We were all very disappointed; especially by the blatant lies. I now have to find a different boat as I feel I cna not possibly ever rent with this group again. any recommendations for an honest reliable solution?

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