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British schools in Istanbul

We are currently in the process of planning our relocation from Bristol, UK, to Istanbul (I'm a British/German citizen of Turkish origin) and are currently looking for a suitable international school (our preference is the British school system and curriculum) for our two children. We have two sons Protected content 8) who were both born in Bristol and are native English speakers (they have very limited knowledge of Turkish). We would like to ask the expat community in Istanbul for some advice on the best British schools in Istanbul. We have already looked at Tarabya British Schools and the British International School. British International School would be our preference as it applies the British Curriculum and is directed at students with foreign (non-Turkish) passports, whereas Tarabya is open to all nationalities and requires Turkish citizen students to complete their dual curriculum which besides the British system also comprises the Turkish curriculum (we do not want our sons having to take part in the Turkish curriculum). Our sons are dual (Turkish/British) citizens. We really like British International School. However, there's a considerable difference in the school fees with British International School being the more expensive one. Also, we are concerned about the location of British International School which seems to be on the (very far) outskirts of Istanbul. Can someone from the British or other community who is/was in a similar situation please advise?

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