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Can we have an event on a weekend??? (Istanbul)


Over few months I really wanted to attend to Internations events but, I work during weekdays and it is almost impossible for me to make it to the events. I have been a paying member and lately I do not see any value to this site because, I surely can`t attend any of the events because of the following reasons:

- I work on weekdays :) hello.... this might not be important for most but, it is surely something important for me and when I go to socialize love to enjoy it until after hours....

- All the meetings in the European side, are all the members live and reside in the European side? No because, I reside in Asian side and aware of other members who are in the same situation as I.

I remember this beening brought up about a year ago and I see that nothing productive came out from of it. This time hope it to change and become suitable to everyone, or else it would be the same Protected content each event, for every event.

Can we have few dates set that members can vote within a reasonable time span to determine which dates would work better for members??????

This is just an advice and I hope I am not the only member who feels this way....

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