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Cocktails time! (Istanbul)

Hey everybody let teach each other how to make amazing cocktails.

I want to teach you something for your valentine maybe :) Pay attention girls who dont like Beers and drinking vodka based cocktails. =)) This is a traditional Austrian stuff which I want to teach you and its famous in Germany and eastern Europe as far as I know.

Rumkirschen cocktail, Protected content Beer Protected content Coke Protected content Kirschen Rum (or half a shot cherry syrup and half a shot Rum) = A red sexy beer without co2 and its beautiful and tasty :) if you want to have a sweet one you can use the Strawberries syrup instead of cherry. You can drink a lot of it Im sure and it makes you feel special :p ppl will keep asking about it lol and I think its better to have 2 shots of kirschen I do it like that for myself (one shot rum one shot cherry syrup).

if anyone wants it just come to Dorock bar taksim! ask it from me I will make it for you with pleasure :p

Have fun! Im waiting for your good good Cocktails.

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