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Crazy Irish guy wants to speak Turkish in 2 months (Istanbul)

Hey everyone! My name is Benny, from Ireland and I'm a professional language hacker :)
I met a few people at the meetup last night - I've been on the road for nine years but this was the first time I had ever heard of Internations, which is surprising since it seems like a big website!
Anyway I can speak over 10 languages (was actually speaking much more French than English last night), and I set myself challenges to learn new ones quickly and blog about it on
I got here a few days ago, am living in Taksim and will switch to mostly Turkish within a day or two after I have some basic vocabulary learned. I have many strategies to learn quickly, most of which involve speaking to people as regularly as possible and socialising not in English.
If you have any tips for me over the next weeks, I'd love to hear them! :) For now I just need to make sure I make friends about my age in their 20s. If I happen to meet the Turkish girl of my dreams that would help too of course :-P
All the best!

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