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Curious about your STORY (Istanbul)

Hi, I am new to Istanbul, and before attending any events to barge into strangers instead I would like to encounter community of warm friends.

So I would really appreciate if we can introduce each other here and talk a little bit about:

- Why are you in Istanbul
- What attracts you to Turkey
- How long are you here
- Where you come from
- Anything that you think is relevant to this post.

Next, if you decide to connect with me on Linkedin, or PM me, or smile to me (I mean twinkle) or connect with me, I will be happy to become your friend.

Little bit about me.

- I fall in love with the city in Protected content , since then traveled multiple times and one day I've just decided to relocate for good
- Bosphorus :) ...amazing viewsssss....Ottoman architecture
- Hope for longggg
- I'm relocating from UK, however originally I am Kazakh (you've probably heard about Kazakhstan, I guess it's now about to be renamed as Kazakh Yeli)
- I am a violinist, e-marketer, nomad, nargile lover, social maniac :)

Guys, we can skip this intro part when we actually meet, instead of going over and over again on topics like where are you from, why are you here, we can talk straight more fun stuff ;)

So, support me leaving comments below>>

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