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ECG-14: Mixed Mediterranean Meze reminder (Istanbul)


(Thanks to Gul V.d.L for pointing it out)

Meze is right in front of Pera Palace Hotel so it's very easy to find. Don't base the direction on the crazy Google map in the event page :).

Here's the final list of ECG 14 attendees. If you are not in it, please don't spoil what would be a delicious evening for us by showing up :) There's just no extra SPACE for anyone else.

René Ames
Time Out Istanbul

Margot Anderson
Oxford Business Group

Onur Aran
ada foreign trade co

Phillip Bukur

Bindalli Erkorol

Gozde Ersoy
Atos Origin

Sinem Gokalp

Alper Kalayli

Mahtab Kermani
Amerikan Kultur

Alexandra Christine Maner

Angela Moore
Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at...

Deborah Moya
Prisma Insights

Elena Moyer + guest

Serhan Nasirli + guest
MinusGreen Productions

Nilüfer Oldaç
Evliya Çelebi

Gul Oskaylar
Dental clinic

Denka Pérez Amézaga
Maltepe University

Gundula Strittmatter

Helena Syre-Erardag + hubby

Gulistan T.van der Linden

Eda Togan

Mustafa Nedim Tokman

Oznur Turung

Niels van der Linden
OnePIN, Inc.

debbie yazici

Volkan Yildirim

Gulderen Yilmaz
APL Logistics

mehmet serkan zembilli
shipping & logistics

rowena tuzcuoğlu + hubby

BTW, looking at the list, it might be indicative of how our female members seem to be more adventurous in eating, not confining themselves to the same-old mentality with regards to food. Since the beginning of ECG, they've been more responsive to and enthusiastic about ethnic food and, we might as well say it, the good life in general than the guys. Throw in wine appreciation too where you'd find them in droves.

Could it be that in our expat community they have more disposable income as a consumer group? Now, that's interesting to note. But whatever socio-sexual reasons, thank heavens for the distaff side.

Any thoughts on this observation?

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