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Fire work and laser show for Rebuplican Day i (Istanbul)

TODAY Don't miss this big Fairwork and laser show that will take place in Bosphorus.

It will start at 19:00. Whole Bosphorus will be closed by fishing boats.

You can watch it lively in Ortakoy,Beşiktaş, Uskudar, Beylerberi, Cengelkoly
Bebek, Kurucesme seaside.

* The 29th October is the Republican Day of Turkey. This year is the 90th anniversary of the founding of Turkish Republic. Just like every year, this day will celebrate with sound, light, and amazing firework shows in Istanbul. Fireworks and light shows will be performed on a platform situated on the Bosphorus.
* The shows will take place in the area between the Bosphorus Bridge and the Maiden Tower on the sea.
* More than 48,000 fireworks will be released from 16 separate points and Protected content will be used.
* The weight of the biggest firework is in excess of 10 kg. It will be shot about Protected content into the sky.
* 42 ignition systems and a Protected content long fire waterfall will be built on the Bosphorus Bridge.
* The shows will be broadcasted to the whole world via satellite.

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