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Have you started setting goals for 2015? (Istanbul)

I did. And what I found is my goals are too materialistic... so I thought maybe I should add a hmmm....let's say a spiritual goal to it.... maybe something like getting married :)) I was happily single till I understood my business doesn't need my 100% attention anymore, and being a business person I don't want to leave this question to nature... do you think it is being calculative to add such goal for Protected content ? Or should it happen by nature (which could possible be in Protected content

Anyway, my goals for Protected content
1) Find a motivated team for my business (materialistic goal)
2) Grow my business & earn 5 figure a month (materialistic goal)
3) Get married with ideal man (is it calculative and materialistic as well?) ...and I am scared to sound way too calculative...but I have the ideal man's picture already in my mind :)
4) New goal: Find a Turkish girl friend or a friend girl, anyway, female friend who is Turkish :) really change a person! Maybe I am not that bad, dear INers, please kindly share your goals for Protected content me :) So...I can compare...

Afterall they say, if you post your goals on public you will be held responsible for accomplishing them!

Don't stay silent tho...silence freaks me out...and don't PM me advertising how ideal you are :) I don't believe in online or distance dating thing. I still believe in magic of eye contact. Just hit the comment button and share your thoughts about my goals and about your OWN goals ;)


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