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importance of attention (Istanbul)

A group of students at the medical universty get around a cadaver first time in their life and very curiously investigate it.

Professor starts his class, '' 2 things are very important in medicine. First of them is : Nothing must be disgusting for you related to Human body. Says ''forinstance'' and puts his finger to the ass of cadaver then takes his hand to his mouth.

And then says to the students '' Go on, you do the same as i did!!!'''

Students shocked, all of them hesitates and they see professor is very serious. All of them 1 and 1 fingers ass of cadaver and then suck their fingers. Students about to spit up with the terrible taste of cadevre.

Professor starts speaking,

Second very important thing for a medical doctor is observation says and goes on..

'' I fingered cadavre with my third finger but i sucked my 2nd finger.

Now you learned how important to give attention for a doctor.'''

Result''İf we don't do our job carefully we eat shit.'''


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