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InterNations Get-Together @ Boaz Le Meridien (Istanbul)


We had a fabulous event last night and we would like to thank all those who came or cancelled their attendance in time.
However, we would like to bring to your attention that Protected content did not have the courtesy to cancel their attendance for last night's event! We are aware that last minute, sudden urgent matters might make it impossible to join - but as indicated on the event page, in the reminder message, there is the option to cancel and/or send us a message. With a no-show rate of more than 50%, not only are other members deprived from joining the event, but also the organisation of such big events prove to be difficult. Therefore, we will have all those members who did not cancel their attendance or sent us a message on the black list. As a result those members will not be able to attend the next event they sign up for. Thank you for your understanding and hopefully future cooperation.

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