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Moving to Istanbul soon, have a few ?'s

merhaba! Im am a young married female, my husband and I will be moving to Istanbul in 3 months, he has a job there already, I would like to know if there are many opportunities for a person who speaks English to find a job in a restaurant or bar, I have 13 yearsof experience in FOH work.
Also I am curious about manner of dress for wemon. My biggest concern is not wanting to offend anyone, my secondary concern is not wanting to forfit my tank tops and sun dresses. I know that Istanbul is a progressive place, I do not dress overly provocatively nor do I dress super conservative. So long as I am mindful of where I am, respectful of a conservative area and carry a scarf or shawl in my bag can I wear tank tops/shorts/sundress ect??? Without feeling bad about it???
Last question I'm looking for ANY and ALL info on iPhones in Istanbul, should I bring the one I have, how is the wifi in the city? Are good data packages expencive? Thanks! :)

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