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Obtaining my work visa in Canada- Nightmare! (Istanbul)

Dear Canadian members,

I have received my work visa documents from my Turkish Employer. Are there any Canadians over there who might be able to answer a couple of questions?

I'm in Vancouver. Traveling to Toronto and waiting for weeks while my paperwork is being processed will cost me a significant amount of money. Flights to Toronto from Vancouver are expensive and so are the accommodations! I am going around in circles with the Toronto Turkish Consulate. No one answers the phone and the application process is not clear.

Could anyone assist me with the actual process so that I can just get this done?! I am wondering if I could Fedex my documents,passport, payment and application form and then book an appointment to go in about one week later. I could just carry on with my flight to Istanbul at that point. Thank you! :)

Take care,


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