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POST- VALENTINE LOVIN' (oneself) (Istanbul)

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Fine, you didn’t get the loving that you know you deserve – from someone you thought would know better. Well, too bad for him or her!...because if there’s anyone who knows how to love you the best…why, it’s you yourself! So…why not

SAVE the date…for our 33rd F&BGI event with self-indulgence as the theme?

Because you deserve it.

Assembly cocktails – 7:30pm Saturday, 25 February Protected content
Sit-down dinner – 8pm sharp.
LALEDAN, Ciragan Palace Kempinski
Ciragan Caddesi 32, Besiktas Protected content

This time, we’re carrying on from the last dinner (at Lokanta Maya) with Turkish flavours reinterpreted in serendipitous culinary ways unlike you’ve tasted before, to be served as SET MENU of hot and cold mezzes (inspired mainly from Gaziantep and Hatay) and a choice of fish (sea bass or dorado) or fillet mignon (yes! a steak for a change).

Afterwards, for the sweet toothed among us (especially moi) there’s a BUFFET of various desserts as well as bottomless coffee or tea.

But where’s the indulgence, you ask?

Now, now…get a hold of yourselves because…ready?... we’ll be treated to LIMITLESS wines from not one, not two but SEVEN different countries: Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, South Africa and Spain - courtesy of ADCO Fine Wines. All the wines that could raise the temperature of a Saturday night fever for sure :)

Again, as I said, all because you deserve and owe it to yourself.

Besides aren’t we Food & BEVERAGE Group Istanbul?

Anyway, something this unusually good has a price that’s unusually reasonable (do the math about the unlimited imported wines): 145TL (VAT included) CASH PAYMENT ONLY.

Limited Guests Capacity of 25 Food & Beverage Group Istanbul members and 5 Internations expat foodies only

Please…dinner dressing (like you’re dressing for a date) is requested because the place reeks of self-indulgence ***wink*** and self-loving.

Set Menu

Cold Mezzes
white cheese, melon, artichoke, ‘tarama’, ‘haydari’, marinated sardines,
eggplant salad, broad beans puree, stuffed blossom
Soğuk Mezeler
beyaz peynir, kavun, zeytinyağlı enginar, tarama, haydari,
marine sardalya, patlıcan salatası, fava, kabak çiçeği dolması

Hot Mezzes
pan fried Antakya ‘sıkma’ cheese with pomegranate sauce
hash browns with Aegean greens, seafood casserole
‘paçanga böreği’ with tuna fish, fish balls
Sıcak Mezeler
nar ekşili tava Antakya sıkma peyniri , Ege yeşillikleri mücveri
deniz mahsulleri güveç, ton balıklı paçanga böreği, balık topları

Main Course
grilled or pan-fried sea bass or dorado with red onions, rocket and baby romaine salad
filet mignon with mushroom sauce

Ana Yemek
ızgara veya tava levrek veya çupra, kırmızı soğan, roka ve körpe marul salatası ile
‘filet mignon’, mantar sosu eşliğinde

Dessert Buffet
selection of Turkish desserts
Tatlı Büfesi
karışık Türk tatlı çeşitleri

World Wines / Dünya Şarapları
White Wine / Beyaz Şaraplar Red Wine / Kırmızı Şaraplar
Argentina / Arjantin Argentina / Arjantin
Protected content , Chardonnay, Mendoza Protected content , Malbec, Mendoza
Australia / Avustralya Australia / Avustralya
Protected content Tail, Pinot Grigio, South Eastern Protected content Tail, Merlot, Sauth Eastern
France / Fransa France / Fransa
Protected content Lichine, Chardonnay, Languedoc Roussillon Protected content Coq Rouge, Merlot, Cabernet
South Africa / Güney Afrika Sauvignon, Syrah,Grenache, Languedoc
Protected content Oceans, Sauvignon Blanc, Stellenbosh Rousillion
Spain / İspanya South Africa / Günay Afrika
Protected content , Parellada, Penedes Protected content Oceans, Cabernet Sauvignon,
Italy / İtalya Merlot, Stellenbosh
Protected content , Pinot Grigio, Veneto Spain / İspanya
Chile / Şili Protected content , Tempranillo, Cabernet S
Protected content Torres, Sauvignon Blanc, Valle de Curico Sauvignon, Merlot, Navarra
Rose Wine / Roze Şarap Italy / İtalya
Protected content Torres, Cabernet Sauvignon, Curico Protected content , Sangiovese, Toscana
Chile / Şili
Protected content Torres, Cabernet
Sauvignon, Valle De Curico

Unlimited tea, coffee and wine
limitsiz çay, kahve ve şarap

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