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Re-launch of Sociophiles Activity Group (Istanbul)

Dear Member,

I am happy to inform members and potential members that Sociophiles Activity Group has been replaced and meanwhile I am happy to re-launch this group.

Now you will be able to find this group below Culture & Entertainement.

How can I join?
click the link:
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What? Why?
In this activity group you will not find an invitation for dinner, you will prepare the dinner. Here you will not find an invitation for party, you have to find the interesting event and post it. Here you will find more then that! In this activity group everybody is welcomed to open an activity to socialize, to talk, to share, to give new information, attend to special invitations, receiving special offers and not to feel alone - to feel like in a big family!

How does it work?
Either you (please feel free!) or I will open an event.

If you do have some tickets for a special event, but your partner or your best friend doesn't like it, post it here!

You like to bike at the island but don't want to do it by yourself, post it here!

You want to attend to a course they will give you a special discount for two/three persons, post it here!

You want to start a volunteer project, post it here!

What can be done?
So, anything what comes in your mind you will find the answer here! :) I will also try to put some effort and organise some events with following subjects, BUT ANY other idea is very much welcomed! Please feel free to be involved to organise events! :)

My ideas
* special food courses
* glass furnace visit
* information about facial treatments
* interesting event visits (like the puppet exhibition)
* visiting special places (like the ice bar)
* events for special days (like womens day)
* going to the beach together
* wine tasting
* making a biking tour (to the island)
* making daily visit to a place (going to Kanlica to eat yogurt)
* going to a movie together
* making a bosphorus boat tour (for few hours)
* learning how to make make-up from an make-up artist
* clothing designer wisit
* meeting artist in their envoirement

Please be aware that the activities will be made for smaller groups of attendance. The activities should have a maximum participation of 20 person. Please contact me for bigger participation.
Thank you!

I am looking forward for active attendance of members! :)


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