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Renewal of İkamet...Passport Issue (Istanbul)


Hi Everyone,

I have a problem which is quiet unique, I am hoping somebody on here has a similar experience or knows somebody that has. Here is my problem.....

My first Turkish resident permit (İkamet) expires in August and is due to be renewed, for the renewal process I need my passport to have at least 6 months validity on it, which mine does not, only 2 months. I have spoken to the passport service back in the UK and for an overseas service passport renewal I am looking at a minimum of 6 to 9 weeks for a new passport (due to passport crisis in the UK). My ikamet expires in 6 weeks so I just can't take the chance, I can see only two options for me....

1. Go to a passport office in the UK and use the same day premium service. I am not to keen to do this as the plane tickets are around 2.000TL due to Ramadan. I am also working in Istanbul so it is difficult to get anyway. Should all else fail this is the option I have to take though.

2. I can get a free 1 year passport extension from the consulate in Istanbul due to the passport crisis that would allow me to complete the renewal of my İkamet. I have a list of countries that have responded to the UK's July 4th request to allow their citizens to travel on the extensions, Turkey has yet to reply so I am bit worried they wont give me a new İkamet with an extended passport. Has anyone got any experience regarding getting a İkamet on a extended passport?

Any information or advice would be great.

Many thanks,


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