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Residence Permit (Istanbul)

I have been reading about the changes to the residence permit after 11 April Protected content .

A brief idea to my situation - I am getting married to a Turkish citizen November Protected content I am from UK. I have my house up for sale and the assets from this when sold will used to buy a property outright in Istanbul. I will also have a private pension as my income and my husband to be, works and so will have his wages as well, Until this happens (selling of my home) we will rent

The new rules state I have to get my first residence permit from British consulate in UK then after this can apply on a yearly basis for the following 8 years in Istanbul.

After 8 years I can stay as long as I like without anymore resident payments


I need to know when should I start the process regarding the first permit, does it take a long time to process, also how long do I need to be in London. I think it is unfair that all UK has to go to the British Consulate. I live near Newcastle Upon Tyne and this is a long journey for me but I will do the translation of documents for marriage in the same journey.

Also can anyone tell me the price of the first permit and also the price of a yearly residence permit in Istanbul

I feel overwhelmed by all the things I have to do for living there, marrying etc and getting stressed by it all

Anyone got any advice ?

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