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Residence Permit and Entrance to Turkey Problem (Istanbul)

Dear All;

I need an urgent help to clear the situation and try to solve the problem of one of our members of Russian Culture Activity Group...Any kind of ideas and information is appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

Dear Mr. Balkis,

My German husband is working and living in Istanbul, Turkey, for 2 years. We are renting a flat in Sariyer. He has a residence card (icamet) and is an owner of a Turkish ltd. sti. company. I came to Istanbul in March and applied for a residence permit. I got all the documents in the Migration police but as my husband's residence card was expired and has not been renewed on the day of his appointment on 07.05. Protected content we moved from Bahcelievler to Sariyer in between and Migration police in Bahcelievler refused to do it and just told a new appointment in Sariyer needs to be taken…) I was told that I had to wait to get my residence ID card until my husband has his new one from Sariyer police. But my husband's appointment is on 27th of June. As our son became ill and after 4 visits in Akibadem clinic there was no success I had to come back to Ukraine urgently. In the airport passport control office they did not let me fly out and we had to pay penalty for my and my sons “illegal stay in the country” even after they checked the paper that I applied for residence permission. Than they put a stamp that I can not reenter the country for the next 3 months. Now my husband has renewed residence permission. What should I do if I want to come back to my husband and how to get my residence ID card from Ukraine now?

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