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Rules of the "black list" (Istanbul)


Dear InterNations Members,

There has been some confusion among some of our members regarding the "black list" rules. We are more than happy to clarify that matter again:

How do you get on the "black list"?

You get on the "black list" when you click the attend button of an event and do not show-up, meaning you do not cancel your attendance by going on the page and clicking "cancel attendance".
We are aware that sometimes unexpected circumstances come up and you are unable to cancel your attendance in due time. In those cases sending us a personal message (as a lot of kind and considered members do so) or letting us know on the event page that you could not make it, is an act of courtesy and responsibility towards other members. Also, we kindly ask you to consider that not all of the Protected content % no-shows on each event can be attributed to unexpected short notice circumstances :)

What happens when you are on the "black list"

Once you are on the "black list" and you click the attend button, your name will appear on the guest list. At this stage a cross check with the "black list" is conducted and we can see that you have not attended an event without prior cancellation. As a result you are unable to participate for this event you signed up, instead another member on the waiting list gets the chance to be on the guest list. Her we apply the rule first-in-first-serve. Said that, our Albatross members have priority as they are paid members.

Each unexcused no-show means you are banned from the next event you wish to participate.

We hope that this clarifies the matter of the "black list", and more importantly encourages our members to be more sensible when clicking the attend button.

Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation.

Istanbul Forum