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Spiritual Astrology Worshop in Istanbul

Astrology is a very useful tool of self awareness. Through it we can access to a huge amount of information about ourselves such as our strengths and abilities and also about others. It is a tool of self-knowledge, and to the contrary many people believe astrologers do not believe destiny is already written. Actually according to Astrology, any planet point out the ways we have been causing problems or blockage to our happiness,our self-fulfillment and guide us to defeat those behaviours in ourselves. Each one of us has a spiritual path and since we are here growing as spiritual beings we are in a learning process. Through karmic astrology we can understand better and deepen in the mission of our souls and also understand our spiritual process path in this life.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce you to the basics of the karmic astrology. Guide you discovering your karma and dharma, your biggest challenges, your subconcious mind and more.
Content or topics to discuss:
*Basics of theAstrology
*Elements in a Natal Chart
*Reincarnation, Karma and Dharma (Saturn and Jupiter)
*Our mission in life ( North node)
*The 12th house
*Retrogade Planets
Who can join?
Everyone who is interested in develoing their inner being, in finding the roots of conflict and self-defeat within us by discovering the sources of it in your natal chart. Also everyone interested in the New Age Spirituality.
The cost is 100tl including a natal chart short reading and materials.
If you would to join please send me a private message with your name and date birth information.
Thank you and Namaste!
About me
My name is Yeliannis Ruiz, originally from Venezuela. Since I was younger I was very fascinated by languages and astrology which is for me a type of language aswell. My journey as an astrologer began more than 10 years ago when I have the opportunity to study and learned the secrets and knowledge behind this amazing and powerful tool. I like to say that a natal chart is a self-discovery tool which can be consider a very useful guidance. This offers us a map to find the necesary things to find our right paths in life. A natal chart is not linked to any religion or belief system, I have offered my services to different people s from all over the World such as China, GermaItaly, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, etc.

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