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sweetened condensed milk (Istanbul)


Does anyone know where I can find a can of either condensed milk or sweetened condensed milk? I need it for my Vietnamese coffee. I used to get it at REAL in Antalya but cannot find it here.
Strangely enough, I cannot find many things here that I could easily get in Antalya. Like cilantro (fresh kisnis), or avocados. So much for my taco salads.
I don't know if it's because of where I live (Taksim) or if it's just Istanbul in general but they don't seem to have the range of products they had in Antalya. A bit shocking and unexpected!
What about Levent? Do they have any hyper markets? TESCO? 5M Migros? REAL? KIPA? Where am I supposed to buy my furry 5 lira house slippers for winter?
And what about the LIRA store? Antalya had a plethora of LIRA stores. It's like a Dollar store. I miss my ucuz markets!
Sad days indeed.

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