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Emergenza Final News:
THANK YOU for all your support and encouragement during the Emergenza Music festival. The finals took place on July 6th, as scheduled, even in the midst of demonstrations, protests and gas, in Taksim and on the very street of the venue and even inside at times. It was not possible to postpone this event again, after 2 other dates were rescheduled. It was a bit disappointing to realize that many of our friends and fans could not make it into town due to the metro being closed, and most public transport and even taxis to Taksim, was not possible. Thank you for all the notes and SMS messages of support during the evening, and we sure do appreciate that so much. And of course your safety and well-being is very important to us as well. Who knows what might have been the result, if even a handful more of our ‘invited friends with tickets” could have made it to the venue. Thanks to those who did make it and brave the elements last night… YOU are awesome!
Congratulations to ALL the winners and to the organizers as well, who had a very challenging job to run the finals in spite of so many obstacles.
Here is a short clip from our last song from the Emergenza finals last night!
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