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To this Friday's Weekend MIXER attendees (Istanbul)


These are the ingredients for this Weekend Mixer Protected content

Guests from Australia (1)
Guests from Belgium (1)
Guests from Brazil (2)
Guests from Canada (3)
Guests from Cuba (1)
Guests from United Kingdom (4)
Guests from Germany (3)
Guests from Greece (2)
Guests from Ireland (1)
Guests from Kazakhstan (1)
Guests from Morocco (1)
Guests from Netherlands (1)
Guests from Russian Federation (1)
Guests from Sudan (1)
Guests from Switzerland (2)
Guests from Sweden (2)
Guests from Turkmenistan (1)
Guests from Turkey Protected content
Guests from Ukraine (1)
Guests from United States (9)

Hopefully we can make a luscious salad of camaraderie and interaction from
attendees representing 20 nationalities :).

Along with your personal agenda, please come with an open mind and an intent to enjoy each other's company.Leave your shyness at Roxy's door.

As was done in the first Mixer, come up to say "hi" and introduce yourselves to me that I would in turn introduce you to other IN members present. Or I may not be needed to connect you with others since it'd be easy to spot them: IN members would be the only ones with the colored discount wristbands among the crowd :)

Another thing to remember: our motley group has been assigned the exclusive use of the loft space (with its own bar) overlooking the dance floor, with a great view of the stage (and the performance). It's on the left if you're facing the stage.

See you @ROXY


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