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Dear Internations members,

Do you have some free time to help high school students learn more about your country, present your country in an interesting way at a school event, and simply give students an opportunity to learn more about your country, meet a new person (you :-)) and practice English? If YES, we NEED you!

On March 26, there will be an International Day at Darussafaka School, Maslak. There will be 5 participants- grade 9 classes. Each class will present a country in an interesting and fun way. We already have a Ukrainian lady helping one class to present Ukraine. Therefore, we need 4 more country- representatives (4 is the number of countries, if 2 people desire to work on one country- it will be perfect!).

If you have time to help us, contact me via IN or through my personal email: Protected content .

Thank you and good day to us all!

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