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VOLUNTEERS for December 12th KEREMES (Istanbul)

There will be a Keremes at the Bomonti home for the elderly,(right by the ANTHILL buildings) on December 12th from 10.00 to 17.00. There are presently 68 elderly living there, some, who are over the age of 100. The Home is mostly run by a hand full of Sisters, and the elderly are all Turkish, from all backgrounds, a real mix of cultures just as we find in the mix here in Istanbul.
The property is huge, and is usually very crowded with guests who come to buy inexpensive new clothes, plus good quality second hand goods. All these funds go towards helping the They are asking for a few volunteers for Saturday, to help in any way possible. This may mean in helping to sell food or clothes, or raffles, and for any men interested maybe helping to organize the ‘flow’ of traffic, in and out etc. Besides the 14th, Particularly 3 or 4 men would be super helpful on Friday the 11th to help move tables and set up the premises.
If you are interested or want any more information, please do message me and I will get back to you.

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