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What moves a non-expat to join internations? (Istanbul)

This is a topic on the world forum created from Mr. Fiqueiredo. I think great topic to discuss in Istanbul Internations group. I copied and paste exactly what he wrote at the beginning!

I specially also wanna add, if you don't speak english, what are you doing in the events? But because you don't speak english, you can't understand my question, so that I am taking my question back;)

This is what Mr Fiqueiredo wrote:
"I have noticed in the local meetings and also online that there are many members who have not traveled internationally or who have not lived abroad in the recent years. It is good to have them here and in the meetings, but I got curious about their reasons for participating (which are probably very different from mine).

Does the community help you to travel virtually? Does the community help provide the sense of being a global citizen? Or are there other reasons?

It would be very interesting to understand that"

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