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Women's (& Mens's) Self-Defence Classes (Istanbul)


Attention: Istanbul Community

Some of you know me, others do not. Some brief background, I have lived in Istanbul for 8 of the last 13 years, with 2 years in Egypt and 3 in New York.

The purpose of this posting is to gauge the potential interest of the Istanbul InterNations community, with a specific emphasis on women, in receiving training in the following:

- Real-life street survival skill building (mental & physical)
- Reading "aggressive", criminal or dangerous body language (signalling)
- Cross-cultural context, (Istanbul context)
- Turkish community policing
- Use of force (Turkish legal context)

The goal of this would be to start another InterNations activity group or club. It would be my goal to partner with other dedicated members to help me keep this going.

Furthermore, for legal purposes, all skills teaching would be under the umbrella of local Krav-Maga instructors (licensed to teach in Turkey).

However, unlike 99% of martial arts schools, the only goal would be to teach its members to survive street violence or assault.

Simply, surviving a violent or life-threatening encounter starts with your physical survival. But it is equally important to learn skills that keep you from harm's way (preemptive) and trouble-shoot the after effects of a violent encounter (psychological).

Please contact me via my IN account or at the email address to follow:

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