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Words of gratitude (Istanbul)

Big thank you for the hospitality of the Turkish people to every expat, tourist and stranger on the Turkish land.
You have not only shown tolerance to foreigners from around the world, crowding your country, racing you for a seat in the bus, or the metro, competing you in the job market, and the list goes on and on, but you have also shown kindness, helpfulness, friendliness, politeness, light spirit, embraced differences regardless of identity, and moreover, not once you've missed a welcoming smile with good wishful words or sweet greetings!
Witnessing the saddening terrorist occurring attacks on innocent civilians, children, or brothers or sisters or friends of yours, it's worth to say that it failed to change your spirit and acceptance of all visitors and residents in your beautiful country.
I fail to express the daily kindness that I whiteness every day and I can't thank you enough. Am grateful and I admire and respect the humanity, courage and civilized behavior of the young and the old, the simple and the elite! God bless you all and your homeland

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