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Yoga Classes (Istanbul)

Hello everybody,

I am offering hatha yoga / yin yoga / tao vinyasa classes (Yoga Alliance and Independent Yoga Network certification-recognized world wide) that includes poses, meditation and breathing techniques. (private / small groups)

I am also trained to give prenatal and postnatal yoga classes for pregnant women.
Besides, I am a childbirth educator and give childbirth classes.

You can read about my backround below.

My goal is to provide a space to enable you to gain strengh, flexibility and to invite your mind to the present moment by sometimes keeping you in the poses and sometimes flowing between the poses with safe instructions.

You don’t have to be flexible, strong, young or fit in order to practice yoga. With yoga you can gain physical fitness, flexibility and strength. Your posture and balance improves. Muscle strains decrease, your spine extends and therefore stays young. Sleeping quality gets better and the cure to the chronic pain occurs. Besides all these physical benefits, stres hormone and anxiety decreases. With the breathing and awareness studies you can gain emotional quietness.

You can feel the effects of yoga even from the first lecture and when you continue longer you will experience much deeper changes and transformations. Briefly, your living quality increases..

Please feel free to contact me for my studio schedules and for private lectures:
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With love,


After finishing my initial Protected content yoga teacher training and 80 hours advanced yoga teacher trainings with Zeynep Aksoy and Zeynep Celen from Cihangir Yoga Istanbul (Yoga Alliance-Independent Yoga Network), I decided to focus on yin yoga and therefore completed Berivan Aslan Sungur’s Protected content of teacher training and Paul Grilley’s anatomy teacher training (who developed yin yoga). I am still continuing my advanced yoga studies with Berivan Aslan Sungur. I was also Berivan’s teaching assistant in her yin yoga teacher training last year.

I also hold two prenatal yoga teacher certificates, one from Cihangir Yoga and the other from a UK based internationally acclaimed institution, Birthlight.
On the other hand, I had my trainings at Childbirth International in order to be a Childbirth Educator and giving childbirth preparation classes for expecting couples in DOUM ( Protected content ).

I am also the founder member and the President of the Association of Women's Rights in Childbirth. ( Protected content )

Yoga styles that I teach:
- Protected content Yoga
- Protected content Vinyasa (developed by Paul Grilley, similar to martial arts and dance, which focuses more on the free flow of the body)
- Protected content / Postnatal Yoga
- Protected content Yoga / Vinyasa
- Protected content Preparation Classes

Here are details of the trainings that I attended:
Protected content of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Independent Yoga Network / Yoga Alliance) with Zeynep Aksoy
Protected content on Adjustments and the Art of Touching Training with Mey Elbi
Protected content with Wayne Liquorman
Protected content Yoga Teacher Training with Basak Kutlu Atay and Mey Elbi
Protected content of Advanced Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) with Zeynep Çelen and Çağ Rical Gürle
Protected content Course with Sudaka
Protected content of Yin Yoga & Tao Vinyasa Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) with Berivan Aslan Sungur
Protected content Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) with Paul Grilley
Protected content Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training (UK Based)
Protected content Assistant of Protected content of Yin Yoga & Tao Vinyasa Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) with Berivan Aslan Sungur

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