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your opinions about expat-only events (Istanbul)


everybody knows that, me as a turkish local, i always supported expat-only events on the forum of internations. now i have a few questions for all expats living in istanbul.

1- i cancelled this question, because i saw some misunderstandings (i am not against expat-only events) and its not helping to improve the situation.

2- even our ambassadors write this is a Expat Network Event, why some expats invites local turks?

3- if this is a expats-only event, why local turks are coming?

4- if local turks are coming, why me as a albatross member who pays money, cant come to this party? i have many expats friends joining this event, i can ask them to invite me to this event, and i can come. but i am showing the respect for expats being together to share their problems, their feelings, their problems. but i expect same respect for me by their side.

on the other hand, i start to feel discrimination, not by internations, not by ambassadors, but by SOME expats living in istanbul, not all expats, but SOME expats. because those expats are ONLY going to expat-only events, and they are not even coming to monthly official gatherings. if you check those events guest lists, you will know who they are.

i repeat, me as a turkish local, i always supported expats only events, but now i start to feel discrimination by SOME expats living in istanbul. i hope these expats-only events i support, wont be abused by expats.

i think we need to re-define those expat-only events. please share your opinons here.

thank you.

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