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youtube (Istanbul)

So here is a small help for all who want to view in Turkey on an Apple Mac and who are fed up of using tunneling websites, Read first all instructions carefully please:

Go to applications -> choose the folder "utilities" -> then open the programm "terminal" (note you need to be administrator of the Mac)
type the command as it is in the following line

sudo nano /etc/hosts

press enter

you are now asked to type the administrator passwort (the cursor will not move!!!) and press enter again

then you type (no copy & paste!) the next 2 lines: Protected content

save it by pressing "ctrl + o" (its an o not a zero)
restart your browser and it should work

Please remember: "Sudo" commands are not to play around with!!!!! They affect the core processes of your MAC. If you are not sure about how to do it please ask someone with programming knowledge.
Good luck

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