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help needed for my daughter and fiance (Izmir)

hi all
I am new to the forum and looking to you for advice and any help you can give,

My daughter and her Turkish cypriot fiance have just moved to Kasiyaka in Izmir after living in cyprus for a few years they decided they wantd to make a fresh start elsewhere.

Firstly her fiance has just found employment and the employer is going to sort out his wrok permit for him. Obviously this takes time to sort is there anything he should be aware of, for example although he is Turkish Cypriot is he still classed as a foreigner seeking work etc..Advice on what he should be doing please.

Secondly my daughter is British and came into Turkey on a normal entry visa. She is trying to seek work and is now considering nanny work home help, housekeeping,crech assistant etc if this type of work is found do the persons who employ her have to provide a work permit for her?
Secondly, how does she go about renewing her visa, what type is available? Where in izmir does she go, cost etc, sorry but it a little complicated.

Last but not least if any forum members hear of any work for my 29 year old daughter i would be etremely grateful if you could pm me. Unfortunately she does not have any teaching qualifications but she has vast experience as a single mother to 8 year old son who is curently living with me so that she can find work to support herself. I think sometimes experience is worth more than a piece of paper stating that you can do the job, speaking from experience as a former teacher.
I hope someone can help with my questions.

Lastly i live in Mersin and would like to go back to Teaching what qualification is the government insisting on? As there are to many qualifications handed out prior to the new modules and i fall into that category. If any forum members in the Mersin area can help with my question and work available i would appreciate it.

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