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Inquiry about schools in Izmir

Hi All:

I'm looking for a school in Izmir for my 12 and 11 year old boys. Neither of them speak any Turkish. Thus far I've been able to identify:

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which looks great, but would be a financial stretch for us.

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which is more affordable, and

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which is intriguing.

My question to the forum comes to this; in all three cases, I have not been able to engage a school official in an e-mail dialog. It's been about 3 weeks. I need basic information from the schools such as; how much English language instruction is there, what is the complete tuition and fee structure, are other international students present, and others related to the level various courses are taught at.

Can anyone here provide advice for how to get questions at these schools answered? Second, does anyone on the forum know of other international school options in Izmir? Third, does anyone have experience with sending their children to any schools in Izmir, and how was the experience?

Thanks so much!


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