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3 great investment opportunities (Jakarta)

Here are 3 great investment opportunities. I am going to give a description of each and I'm also going to give a brief description why.
If you would like more information then please get in contact with me by phone/email or we can meet up for a coffee.

The main reason my wife and I are selling is so we can buy a 3 bedroom apartment in kuningan city.
Everything advertised here is owned by my wife and I.

74sqm 2 bedroom condo in Carita.

This condo is on the top floor and is 5meters away from the beach.
There is constantly water sports on the beach from jet skis, banana boats, and squid huts in the middle of the sea where you can go out and relax.
Also you can sit and relax on the clean beach and enjoy fresh crab/lobsters/prawns and fish that was caught the same morning.
The sea is very clean and blue especially during the months between March - September.
The view from the condo is not only sand and sea but also has a beautiful view of 3 very large volcanoes. The most popular is Krakatoa that you can go and visit just by walking down stairs from the condo, getting on a boat and going out into the sea for about 1hour and 30mins.
In Krakatoa there are clean/beautiful coral reefs where you can go snorkeling and see hundreds of beautiful tropical fish, and take a walk up the volcano. You won't reach the top as I have tried and failed miserably. These volcanoes are active and you can constantly see them erupt.

1000sqm plot of land about 5mins walk from the condo.
You can do what you want with this plot of land from growing teak wood to building another large villa/condo.

Now there are many reasons why this is such a good investment from Ratu Atut Shosiyah and her brother being sent to jail.
Also they are in the process of building an airport that is predicted to be finished within the next 2 years, all the roads are being renewed and they are now starting to build more complexes in the area. This is already a big tourist attraction but when the airport is complete the value will shoot through the roof.

There are many more reasons to why the price of this land and condo is increasing but I would prefer to go into more detail in person.

2 bedroom apartment in bassura city that is still in south Jakarta but is heading west.
This is 44sqm and on the 20th floor.
My wife and I have owned this apartment for less than 1 year and the price has already increased by 100,000,000 IDR
Bassura city is a very large project and will turn into a very large and popular complex. The value is constantly increasing.

Price for each.

Carita condo Protected content IDR negational price.
Carita land Protected content IDR NON negational. (Fixed price)
Bassura city Protected content IDR NON negational. (Fixed price) if you go to developer then they are asking for 530,000,000 IDR

You do not have to use any of these as an investment. You can enjoy the condo on the weekends and rent it out to other tourists, build a house on the land, or live in bassura. But each will constantly increase in value.

We are selling cheap as we want a quick sale.
We have made a lot of use from the condo going up for a weekend every month to relax, it's about a 3hour and 30min drive from Jakarta.
we have allowed the locals to grow fresh chillies and banana trees on our land, And bassura city has gone up in value around $10,000 in 9months.

My wife and I have a lot of business in central Jakarta but want to start buying in more prestigious complexes.

If you would like photos or more information then
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Or we can arrange a meeting.

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