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Apartment for rent or possible room mate (Jakarta)

Hi friends

The apartment I'm currently staying, Kuningan Place apartment, will be rented starting 3 Sep, for 8 mio. There r also some units here to be rented. It's 1 BR apartm, fully furnished. 44 sqm. Address is in jl. Kuningan Utama, behind Rasuna Said. It's close Rasuna Said ( of course ), Epiwalk, Pasar Festival, MMC hospital and Kota Kasablanka

Here is only 2 towers, so it's quiet, and most of the time i could hv the swimming pool all by myself.
Gym is great, and instructor is provided.

Laundry is OK and affordable, security guys r helpfull and friendly. The church is in English, but it's 4 hours long, and there is The Nest Resto.. very cool.. also preschool, and music lessons..

Internet is good, cable TV is provided.

What else...
Ooh, I lovvveeeee this apartment so much that I'm grieving as I hv to leave soon.., so I've been thinking... if any of you need room mate, I'm willing to share space. U could occupy the bedroom, so u pay a bit more, and i could sleep at the sofa bed.

I'm not staying home all day as most of the time i'm out. And if u happen yo be a guy... well, u must inform me 1 day before if u wanna bring ur GF to overnite, so I could sleep at my own home.

I need this apartm as my house is a bit far, in Jaticempaka-Pondok Gede area, and most of my meetings r in Kuningan Sudirman of just aroundvthe city center... and I hate getting up early and spend Protected content in traffic...

My numbers: Protected content , Protected content .



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