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Certificate of Guarantee & Letter of Attestation (Jakarta)

Dear All,

I am currently pursuing a job in Jakarta Indonesia. I received an offer and was required to contact a law firm to process my certificate of guarantee and letter of attestation to secure my employment.

I took the step and contacted this law firm and was required an amount of $870 for processing charges. I paid them the amount through western union. Just after one day, I received a response from them as below details;;
"Having expedite all actions regarding the procurement of your Certificate of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation documents from the Indonesia High Court of Justice as requested by your contract with your employer's ------- Protected content , the Indonesia High Court of Justice has confirmed the receipt of our application that they are in the last phase of the completion of your application at the various Ministries. According to the Indonesia Law it is imperative that the application be endorsed by the Ministry/ Department involved before your Certificate of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation can be approved and issued by the Supreme Court of Indonesia to enable your employers secure your Residence and Work Permit / Visa.

Finally to enable the various Departments / Ministries endorse and Approve the issuance of your legalization documents as stated above by the Supreme Court of Indonesia , you are mandated by the laws governing these Departments / Ministries and the constitution of Indonesia to remit the below stated fee to enable the endorsement and approval by the various Departments / Ministries involve.

The Departments / Ministries and their Government approved Administrative Endorsements / Approval fees are stated as follows:

- Indonesia Internal Affairs Ministry
a. Approval fees: USD 185
b. Endorsement fees: USD 86
c. Attestation Fees: USD 98

- Indonesia Labour Ministry
a. Approval fees: USD 97
b. Endorsement fees: USD 95
c. Attestation Fees: USD 105

- Indonesia Workforce Development Ministry
a. Approval fees: USD 195
b. Endorsement fees: USD 130
c. Attestation Fees: USD 100

- Indonesia Industrial Development Authority

a. Approval fees: USD 190
b. Endorsement fees: USD 170
c. Attestation Fees: USD 85

Total Fees is $ 1,536.00 USD
Note: Endorsements / Approval of your Application / Documents shall be completed in not more than two working days working days Protected content upon the confirmation of your payment.

I quiet doubt this processing due to fees that are incurring, at first I was informed of a certain amount to comply and all the processing will be done in no time. Now they are asking other fees.

Can anyone please guide me or to secure if ever this employment and even processing is valid and true.

Thank you and will appreciate your help.

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