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Do you want a more affordable medical care? (Jakarta)


Do you want a more affordable and stable medical care coverage where rates do not increase every year?

A record of five years with no premium increase! That speaks volumes to itself...

With deep pocket insurers it has become common practice to accept high risk medical care policies with the single goal to grab market share. The risk management attitude to offer cover with long term vision has faded from modern insurance due to high volume application and race for fast money. However, there is one provider who revives how and why underwriting is performed.

This provider is guided by the traditional insurance philosophy, to offer the client long term cover with affordable rates sustained. Their record of no increase in the past five years and almost non in the past 13 years of their business in the international arena, reflect their strength and stability. Most carriers increase on a annual basis, since they do not take the measures to predict exposure, where clients eventually seek other options.

This unique provider's strength derives from one single quality; they perform underwriting like no other insure does. They analyze each application carefully, obtain medical records, and consult with treating physicians and any entity that could contribute to the risk evaluation process. This is why most application may take Protected content for approval. Other insurer may approve within a few days, yet when a claim is denied or renewals are due, clients are overwhelmed.

If you seek cover for yourself, your family and/or your employees with the foresight to renew with no frustration and sustain a policy for many years, I can provide the stability you need. As other carriers may storm the market with bells and whistles, many of them withdrew from the market once their renewal rates were unbearable and claims were beyond control. This scenario has repeated itself by the biggest names in the business.

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