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EPO (Exit Permit) in Indonesia (Jakarta)

Exit Permit Only (EPO)

Permission to leave Indonesia and not to return based on the Elucidation Article Protected content Government Regulation Number 31 of Protected content Regulation Implementation of Law Number 6 of Protected content Immigration. Based on immigration legislation:

1. in the event the expatriate changes sponsor (moves to a new company) the EPO process must be completed before obtaining the new working permit; or
2. in the event the expatriate will not continue to work in Indonesia, the EPO process must be completed before the expatriate leaves Indonesia.
The immigration legislation in Indonesia does not regulate an obligation for an expatriate to immediately start the EPO process after resignation from his/her company before the expiry date of the work permit (KITAS). Whether or not the EPO is processed immediately, depends on the old company’s willingness to cooperate. In case the process is not started immediately upon resignation, the old company shall remain liable to perform all its obligations as a sponsor for the expatriate until the EPO process is completed. Therefore in most cases the company of which an expatriate is resigning wants to process the Exit Permit Only (EPO) as soon as possible after resignation date.
Once having received the EPO, the expatriate is required to leave Indonesia within 7 days. However some local immigration offices have their own policy regarding this leaving period and may require the expatriate to leave Indonesia within a shorter period.

Requirements :

1.Original passport
2.Original IMTA (Izin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Asing / the permit to employ the expatriate)
3.Original of Mandatory Skill Development Fund (DPKK) Payment
4.Itas (Izin Tinggal Terbatas)
5.Application form that you can obtain from Immigration Office
6.Letter from sponsor/hrd
7.Copy of Departure Ticket if require.

Purpose of EPO:

EPO process is to return the original documents such as the work permit to the authorities and clear the legal status between you and your sponsor.


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