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Europe on Screen Film Festival (Jakarta)

Dear Internations Members :
We would like to inform you that Europe on Screen has selected two Swiss films to be screened at the Europe on Screen Film Festival:

“Abi means Papa” tells the true story of Armin who, at the age of 19, discovered his adoption documents by accident. The same year he went to Indonesia to see his birth mother for the first time. But his birth father had disappeared a long time earlier. The film focuses on his journey to Indonesia six years later and his quest to find his biological father. Whether he succeeds or not highly depends on the helpfulness of Armin’s family, which he only meets for the second time. His biological mother, however, is not happy about his plan. Therefore the journey becomes not only a search for Armin’s father but also a conflict with his family and its past.
Telling the story of a young Swiss man being emerged in Indonesian culture while trying to find his roots, this film is interesting for Indonesians and Swiss alike.
-Monday, 2 May, 19.30, Erasmus Huis: Mr. Armin Tobler and Mr. Simon Gutknecht, the directors of the film will be present for a Q&A after the screening.
-Thursday, 5 May, 17.00, Erasmus Huis, (without presence of the directors)
The film will be screened in German with English subtitles.

Further, Europe on Screen will show the Swiss movie “The Shelter” which documents the events at an emergency shelter for the homeless in Lausanne. Every night at the door of this little-known basement facility the same entry ritual takes place, resulting in confrontations which can sometimes turn violent. Those on duty at the shelter have the difficult task of “triaging the poor”: the women and children first, then the men. Although the total capacity at the shelter is 100, only 50 “chosen ones” will be admitted inside and granted a warm meal and a bed. The others know it will be a long night.
-Saturday, 30 April, 12.00, Erasmus Huis
-Tuesday, 3 May, 17.00, Erasmus Huis

All screening and events at the Europe on Screen Film Festival are for free. Tickets are available one hour before each screening at the Erasmus Huis.

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