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Fun Table... (Jakarta)

It's just an idea, but maybe there are some of you who are interested.

Since it is quite hard to maintain friendships here in town, where spontaneous meetings with friends are almost impossible to conduct, due traffic... I was thinking to offer something like a home-base for anyone who is interested to gain some new friends.

And since I stuck at my workplace, I was thinking to convert it to the above mentioned home-base to meet my friends...

In July... eight of my closest friends where pulled out of Indonesia, cause their contracts ended.

SO there are not that much left, and I think a bunch of a few new friends could be beneficial to keep a balance in this chaotic city.

I also think that after almost 7 years living here in Indonesia, I became a good source of solutions for a lot of problems that newcomers are facing here on arrival,...

So therefore I would be happy to share my experience and network with anyone who is looking for a balance thru friendship as well.

Just let me know what you think before I plan further.

Best Regards,


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