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Gojek the Indonesian breakthrough!! (Jakarta)


as i watch those green jacket and bikes park around my office in rasuna said suddenly i feel a pang of pride!
here is an uniquely Indonesian style transportation and its now moving on to being smthg usable to basicly everyone and not just a low cost solution for the lower class!!
and it overcomes all hurdles you can think of such as the traffic and it gets things done with such efficiency and yes low cost LOL!!
last but not least my analysis would never happen without me being attracted to the very underrated but yet hugely attractive GREEN colour!!
undoubtedly this friendly green is a very intelligent choice!!
its just soo suitable in that its moderate in lots of way and just basicly very easy on the eye!!
honestly since jokerwe has risen we have seen lots of hopeful changes like our menteri susi and lots of KPK news but nothing brings more cheers like the changes that gojek brings!!
its not by jokerwe of course but its just sooo jokerwe in that it is a lower class thing branching out to become a daily thing so i guess some one from govt totally should get this across to jokerwe so that he will make it our symbol of progress hahahahaha
just a light rambling guys hehehe feel free to comment if you wanna...:)

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